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Hen Arks

Our Hen Arks are both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional, ensuring that they look well whilst keeping your fowl safe.  Having fresh, free range, organic eggs available in your garden is one of life’s small pleasures and sheer delight for a child to go gather the eggs for breakfast, in particular when they’re for pancakes!  There are two options available:

Country Ark: (2.4 x 1.2m) Suitable for 6-8 large fowl, confined ground and nest box at both ends and with access for cleaning through a side lift-out panel.

Field Ark: (1.8 x 1.2m) Suitable for 5-6 large fowl, confined ground access in one end and next box access in the top of the other end; access through a side panel.

Our Hen Arks are pressure-treated with Tanalith® E – a water borne product which protects the timber, ensures its longevity and is suitable for environmentally sensitive applications.  The treated timber is light green in colour.  It is recommended that they are maintained thereafter by staining or painting on an annual basis.

Contact us or visit a local stockist of “The Garden Gate” range of products to discuss your requirements.

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Country Ark, Field Ark

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