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Mark Sheeran, Managing Director

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CJ Sheeran Sales Team

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Ashleigh Doyle, Administration Manager

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Catherine Lowry, Accounts Administrator

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CJ Sheeran Ltd.

The (really) great outdoors people!

If it’s made of wood and intended for outside use there’s a good chance CJ Sheeran Ltd can supply it (and a lot more besides). We sell a wide range of prerniurn outdoor pressure-treated timber products, backed up from a hugely dedicated and knowledgeable sales and support team. Add to this our sheer enthusiasm and understanding of the products and a midlands location which puts us within 150 kilometres of all major population centres in Ireland, barring Belfast, and it’s plain to see why CJ Sheeran’s are successful. Our work to maintain and develop standards and product offerings is ongoing.

Our history

The company began life in 1994 manufacturing non­standard timber packaging and pallets. ‘At the time we did a lot of specialised products for industry,’ explains managing director, Mark Sheeran. ‘A lot of people would ask us to manufacture timber gates or fencing and those areas worked well together. Then we also started to recycle a lot of wood waste.

Our range of outdoor products has developed over the past four or five years. ‘We have pergolas, gazebos, gates, log cabins, the whole range of fencing products, barbecues, children’s play equipment and of course the hardware for gates and fencing too. The emphasis is all on quality of the highest order and we are adding to the range all the time to facilitate customers', states Mark.

Taking advantage of our location, and with a range of vehicles on the road, CJ Sheerans deliver everywhere in the country to stores. ‘We deliver from North Donegal to West Cork,’ says Mark. ‘Our staff members are all very capable. They are very keen and always willing to help customers,’ he adds.

With 50 people manufacturing on site in Mountrath, CJ Sheerans use native timbers, high quality Scandinavian red wood and Douglas fir as wells as northern European pine (for play equip­ment and the pergolas and gazebos). All wood comes from Forest Stewardship Council FSC approved forests. ‘We pressure treat wood here on site with our own facilities at the Sawmill,’ says Mark. ‘We treat it with Tanalith E. We have an IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control) licence from the EPA. We are fully licensed to treat timber.’ Of course this gives the com­pany a competitive advantage by not having to buy in treated material at a premium. In turn this saving can be passed on to clients.

‘We are very green here and environmental care is ongoing,’ adds Mark. In fact, CJ Sheerans are innovative leaders in this area, taking waste wood and turning it into a premium wood mulch product - our Second Harvest product .

The company holds a wood waste licence for its Mountrath Site from Laois County Council and has waste collec­tion permits for most local authorities in Ireland. ‘We remove wood waste from clients and bring it back to our facility for recycling,’ explains Mark. ‘What cannot be made into recycled pallets again is shredded and used to make Second Harvest wood mulch. Our Trade customers can now make money from the wood packaging waste it previously paid to get rid of.

The Second Harvest Brand has proven quite successful for the company with endorsement from Dermot O’Neill of Garden Heaven fame.

Our industrial customers include Smurfit Packaging Systems, Waterford Stanley and Grant Engineering to name but a few. See our other website www.cjs.ie, where you will find full details of our industrial products and waste management services.

Please let us know if you think we can supply you with your needs.